Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Big Problem for My LOVE

Wat problem for my LOVE leh...tat is he(my bf) wanna change course n change college,bcos he is not interested in his course!OMG!!! when he told me he wanna change college tat time i feel very sad,cos this is a big problem for me...Y? Cos he wan work for full time n study at part his time is every morning work until 6pm then 7pm go to study until 10pm. Although we r live together but we meet jz a few time...Another things is he will not play volleyball in TARc,every about volleyball jz leave me alone! Training...alone; bookcourt...alone; competition...oso alone! On the another hand,it is oso test how "lasting" our love! This is a big challenge to us! I hope i can pass this challenge.